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Meet Lisa

Lisa has been a proud Delawarean since 1989. She has served as Chief Deputy Clerk of the Peace since 2015. Today, Lisa lives in Middletown. As a strong single mother, she has raised her daughter in to a remarkable young woman who recently completed two degree programs in Delaware. Prior to joining the Clerk of the Peace Office, Lisa worked her way up in prominent Delaware law offices as a paralegal.

When elected as Clerk of the Peace with your support, Lisa looks forward to expanding services, continuing to innovate, and maintaining a responsible budget and low costs.

Why is Lisa the right choice?

Lisa has served as the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Peace since 2015. Unlike her primary election opponent who is a candidate for office for the 3rd time in 2 years, this is Lisa’s first time seeking election to any public office. Lisa chose to run to elevate her contributions to the community, and because she has the right experience and knowledge for serving as the Clerk of the Peace. Unlike her opponent, Lisa has relevant legal knowledge, experience in public administration, and an intimate understanding of this crucial role. Lisa is running for this Office because she is the best candidate to serve the people of the County and Delaware, and because she has a passion for the joyful work of the Marriage Bureau. Her experience, motivations for running, and accomplishments make her the perfect choice.

What are Lisa’s accomplishments as Chief Deputy Clerk of the Peace?

Over the last five years, Lisa has made many significant contributions to New Castle County as its Chief Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Lisa has successfully worked directly with legislators, elected officials, union staff, and the public to continuously improve the Clerk of the Peace Office and Marriage Bureau. She has handled the budget, staff management, legal compliance, crisis management, security, and ensuring that every visitor has a positive experience. Lisa has also led significant efforts over her tenure.

Lisa developed and implemented a statewide marriage celebrant registry system, ensuring that every couple obtains a properly completed and recorded marriage, and that every celebrant understands the requirements of their role, are registered, and maintains a relationship with the Office for enforcement of the laws of the County and State.

When the emergency of COVID-19 began, government offices were shut down, but Lisa implemented a plan to extend timelines, allow couples to marry, and to still have marriages officially recorded. For those couples whose ceremonies were canceled at the beginning of the pandemic, Lisa organized safe outdoor civil marriage ceremonies within the courtyard garden of the government buildings complex in downtown Wilmington. When it became clear that “normal” would not be returning soon, Lisa created and implemented a plan to allow licensing and marriages to continue while keeping everyone safe and meeting all legal requirements. Lisa took the staff and process online and remote. To prevent spread or contamination in the public office, all absorbent furniture was replaced, surfaces are continuously cleansed, and capacity is managed. Under Lisa's leadership, couples are able to obtain marriage licenses again. Without her excellent work, marriages simply wouldn’t be possible during the continuing pandemic.

Over the next year, if elected, Lisa looks forward to training new members of the team as staff retire after many years of service. In addition, Lisa looks forward to expanding services, continuing to innovate, and maintaining a responsible budget and low costs.

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