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Clerk of the Peace Ken Boulden's Retirement Op-Ed

The following statement written by retiring New Castle County Clerk of the Peace Ken Boulden has been submitted to various publications. Boulden has also asked candidate Darrah to share his statement.

Retiring New Castle County Clerk of the Peace Ken Boulden:

In January of this year, I filed for re-election to a seventh term as New Castle County Clerk of the Peace.  It was my earnest intention to be on the ballot in November.  However, that will not be the case.

As a resident of the 8th RD, I have been the benefactor of the tireless efforts of State Representative Quinn Johnson.  He has done a great job over his 12-year career in the General Assembly.

When I learned that Quinn was planning to retire, I reached out to him asking that he reconsider.  He explained the reasoning behind his difficult decision, and I respect his choice.  I encouraged two individuals to file for the seat that Quinn was vacating.  One of those individuals was the District Chair, and the other was a bright rising star in Middletown.  Both gave serious consideration to file, right up to the July 14 deadline.  I had offered to meet at the Department of Elections to guide them through the filing process, and I would have worked to help either of them get elected.

When I arrived at the Department of Elections that morning, I received a call from one of those individuals advising me that he was unfortunately not in the position to file.  To my surprise, the other had independently come to the same decision.

Thus, I withdrew my candidacy for re-election, and filed for the RD8 House race myself.  With my encouragement, my Chief Deputy Lisa Darrah filed to succeed me as Clerk of the Peace.  No one is more qualified to do so.  She is the perfect choice, because experience really does matter.

In the hectic 48-hours that followed, my family and friends held what some might call an “intervention.”  They reminded me that I have had some health challenges, and that I will soon be 74-years old.  They lovingly suggested that it was time for me to retire.  They were right, and I withdrew from the House race as well.  I will now work to elect Lisa Darrah for Clerk of the Peace in the Democratic Primary, and the District’s choice in the Primary for our State Representative candidate.

I would like to thank the citizens of New Castle County for giving me the opportunity to serve them.  It has been an honor, and I am proud to be a Democrat.

<August 3, 2020>

The Darrah Campaign Committee
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